The 7 Biggest Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

At this year’s New York Fashion Week, the beauty showed off her mid-back and revealing body. Expressing a point of view makeover is a makeup-skin care strategy with minimal development. Leave it to behind-the-scenes legend Pat McGrath to sum it up lyrically, “great skin meets minimal importance.” It’s no surprise that the ’90s are brimming with runways. Not only on the minimalism front with its clean skin and sleek belts, but also on the maximalism side. From sophisticated glitter eyes to the most influential supermodel caps of the decade, bolder reference claims have emerged.

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The emphasis on beauty inspired by a particular “character” gives the show a timeless feel. Personal statements include artistic braided sculptures, floor-sweeping hair lengths and an array of imaginative face decorations. Of course, it wouldn’t be a spring runway without splashes of bright color or a steamy-looking finish. Here are seven standout hair and makeup trends of the week.

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