Even Post-Pandemic, The House Dress Reigns Supreme—Here Are 22 to Shop

A fashion trend driven by the pandemic with great staying power, home dresses remain a staple. The conceptual parameters are simple: the silhouette is not fixed, the contour is longer, and the fabric is soft to the touch. These dresses are comfortable and easy enough to wear at home, while still providing a sleek look that a simple pair of tights can’t.

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Regardless of whether or not you rotate into the office most days of the week, knowing that there’s a home dress waiting for you on those WFH days is comforting. A stylish security blanket. Brands like Hill House Home and Dôen have championed silhouettes with their airy, flowing collections of home dresses. And other brands like Merlette and Cara Cara are working with soft and breathable materials (like 100% cotton) to ensure your home dress won’t cling to your body or cause itchiness. End day.

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Here you can shop for the best homecoming dresses to wear inside and out. Throw one in and you’ll be instantly ready for the day or night ahead, even if it just means moving to another room in the house.

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