Lil Nas X Hits Fashion Week With Coach and His Favorite Stuffed Animal

“It feels great,” said Grammy-winning musician Lil Nas X of attending New York Fashion Week for the first time. “I’ve never been able to go before because my schedule didn’t line up.”

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Despite her rookie status, Lil Nas X is coming to NYFW with ease. On Monday, he made his catwalk debut for Coach, walking in the label’s spring 2023 show. His appearance, as he wore a Rick James-esque braid, a distressed vest, shorts and jelly sandals, was a standout moment of the heavy leather show. (It feels like a natural evolution for a brand that teamed up with the weird leather bar the Eagle this summer.) As a testament to its natural showmanship, Lil Nas X is undisturbed. threaten. “I wasn’t really nervous enough to walk on the show,” he said. “Compared to live performances — singing and dancing and everything — this is not so stressful.”

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The appearance comes just days after he performed the first show for his ongoing Montero world tour, in which he wore custom Coach suits. These include a leather cowboy suit, with plush straps and buckles. There’s also a crop top paired with sequined low-rise pants that subtly stand out in metallic pink and green shades and match the butterfly theme of the concert. “The tour was fun!” Lil Nas X. said: “I love seeing and meeting all the fans and showing them all that I’ve worked so hard to give them the best performance of all time. grand.”

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He said he’s a big fan of the dedication to American style that creative director Stuart Vevers has put: “I think Coach and I represent a lot of the same things — expressing ourselves. , innovate and rewrite the rules in fashion. I also love them because they really believe in me and they made so many amazing outfits for me and for my tour. “

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